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Spend a holiday in the stunning Himalayas valley! Get amazing offers on Himachal Pradesh Tour Package at Thamsar La Tours and Travels. Checkout our price list and Book Himachal Tour Travel Package now to grab it at the best price. If your Requirements are unique, Our experts would love to create a package just for you.

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Adventurous Camping in Himachal

Camping is the best way to spend your holiday if you love spending the night beneath the moon and starry sky, celebrating around a campfire with friends or family, and just enjoying the beauty of nature. Nothing could be more appealing than a vacation at an adventure camp, surrounded by the cool greenery of Himalayan valleys and a diverse assortment of ferns, trees, and plants that soothe your dusty spirit. Thamsar La Tour & Travels is the best camping travel agency in Bir Billing, offering affordable camping and paragliding packages. We care about your comfort, so we've put up a package that includes relaxation, adventure, and fun. In addition to providing accommodation, we also host other adventure activities such as Paragliding, Trekking, Jeep Safari, Rafting, River Crossing, Cycling and Biking etc. We guarantee the best services in terms of comfort, elegance, pleasure, and enjoyment.

Camping in Bir Billing

Bir is a tiny town in northern Himachal Pradesh located on the billing valley and provides other scenic Himachal Pradesh campsites. While camping in Bir, you may also go trekking, climbing, or hiking through the village, or rappel.

Thamsar La Tour & Travels is the Best Camping Tour Agency in Bir Billing. Our Campsite at Bir Billing is forested, quiet, and near to numerous outdoor activities, making it ideal for anybody looking to relax in nature. We meticulously planned the place to provide our customers a wonderful Bir Billing camping experience, keeping in mind every traveler's needs. Allow nature to reclaim your space - go camping! Camping and paragliding at Bir-Billing are usually fantastic experiences. There's no better place to be than our campsites, with our secure, beautiful landscape and love of the outdoors.

Camping in Bir Billing Camping in Bir Billing Camping in Bir Billing Camping in Bir Billing Camping in Bir Billing

The Bir-Billing Valley, also known as Bara Bhangal, is located in Himachal Pradesh. Bara Bhangal is a site where mostly semi-tribal people live and work with the assistance of nature, and they all work to improve the beauty of the area for tourists and tourism. This location is not accessible by highways since the Bara Bhangal valley is encircled by stunning high mountains and a god-gifted natural scenery that will make you feel very fresh and optimistic. This location also offers a variety of adventure activities.

Camping in Himachal

Camping is one of the most popular adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh. The greatest camping locations in Himachal Pradesh are found here, along a magnificent stretch of the Himalayas. Living in Himachal Pradesh's camps is the most exhilarating and entertaining way to get away from the turmoil of cities. Nothing compares to the sensation of being in the lap of nature and soaking up the peace that Himachal Pradesh has to offer in terms of feeling and picturesque views of the backdrop.

Set your tent in the ideal position amidst the beautiful vistas of snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas, enjoy a clear view of stars and do star gazing throughout the night and between the melodies of nature with the aid of professionals from Thamsar La Tour & Travels. In Himachal Pradesh, there are several areas that have remained untouched by civilization, providing numerous opportunities for adventure seekers to discover the unknown with the help of professionals from Thamsar La Tour & Travels. There are organised camping areas with all of the requirements, and Camping in Himachal Pradesh is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Affordable Camping Tour Packages

02 days
01 night

Camping + Paragliding

Bir Billing, Himachal

03 days
02 nights

Family Tour

Paragliding, Camping and Local Site Seen at Bir Billing

03 days
02 nights

Bir Billing to Rajgundha

Trekking & Paragliding Tour

05 days
04 nights

Bir Billing to Thamsar Pass

Trekking & Paragliding Tour

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