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As the monal pheasant chirps magically to the western tragopan that is the disdainful state bird and stands high on the same base the spruce trees remind you that you are in the snow capsule Manali. The loving cold and exciting weather surely would leave you speechless and baffled. Manali is a little heaven one should visit at least once in a lifetime.

This is one such destination that offers religious tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism in just one trip and that is what makes it a clear paradise. Snow covered pines and fir trees are the show stoppers while you elevate upwards and drive in to the loveliness of the world. The gorgeous snow leopards and brown bears put up great shows together when you go searching for them.

Things To Do in Manali

Treks are always fun, aren’t they? Gang up with the best buddies of your life and then suit up for exciting journey where you not gain experience but also gain stronger bonds of relationships. Camping out in Manali was no less a blessing and best part of it surely being the campfires and sel cooked food that you share for the best causes.

River rafting is much of a popular sport in Manali and is tried out almost by all visiting the place, on the other hand Manali is subjected to be the one spot for best skiing purpose due to the lofty greenness sprinkled with white shades of snow all over. The spot stands good for its religious and historic importance as well as the mixture of cultures and influences that would give you a summarised view of all the distinct traditions.

Places to see in Manali

1. SOLANG VALLEY :- The solang nullah valley is an angelic spot which very much resembles a beautiful fairy in her dreamland feeling. The winters freeze the valley with children and adults of almost all ages are seen here enjoying the paragliding and skiing adventure sports available here. The kids and people slipping and sliding all over the frozen piece of land is another beauty to admire.

2. ROHTANG PAAS :-This surely needs the least introduction as this paas is already a known one to many. The pass is in the pir panjal range at its eastern ends and the glacier piles are a major attraction here as they built up pretty surroundings with flashes of seasonal flowers.

3. GREAT HIMALAYAN NATIONAL PARK :- : The lovers of nature and ornithologists would surely lose their hearts to this place due to the vast varieties of birds found here and the loving ambience. The birds chirruping here would give you the best music of your life.

Food and Shopping in Manali

The mall area and Tibet market here at Manali is home to the beautifully crafted wooden handicrafts and embroidered clothes. The kashmiri shawls and paper silk printed sarees and dresses are the stealer. The artistic instincts and influence of Tibet culture is much evident from the souvenirs and handcrafts found here. The market has the local “malishwalas” who would give you wonderful massage experience that you’ve ever had in any of those posh and international spas and parlours. The markets will have some old antique looking people who sell the purest forms of keshar and shilajit.

When it comes to food the local cuisine is a must try. One must hunt for the fresh trout fish dishes available here. The food has good dashes of culture and tradition in them. The cuisine includes good Punjabi and tibetan influences which is tasted through the green apple pickles and lingad pickels (asparagus) as well as the kaadi chawala and masala omelettes available in the local restaurants.

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